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If you have ever written, or spoken, to your city councillor about a concern in your community, you  may have thought you were exercising your rights as a citizen.  Apparently not, at least if a proposal, to require non-profit organizations to register as lobbyists with the city, goes through. 

How Dryden has Become the Battleground for Health Care Reform

How Dryden has Become the Battleground For Health Care Reform
Last week we took you to the sandy shores of Georgian Bay to tell a story about how local providers had come together to build a model, that could be best described as, where health care reform should be heading.
It is a collaborative model putting structures in place to address the root causes of ill health.  It was looking at the issues relating to poverty and social support.

North Simcoe Health Links

When I think about Georgian Bay, I usually think about cottages lined up behind sandy beaches, expensive boats and the odd canoe, paddling upstream.  It is the sort of image that beer commercials desire to create.
A recent report from the North Simcoe Health Link does provide a countervailing picture.
According to its research 74 per cent of the people that use its services live in poverty; 33 percent say they do not have access to fresh food and 20 percent live without any family support.

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Getting a Safe Space

John (not his real name) and I were friends in high school. Like many others we lost touch. John went to one university and I went to another. He was smart, very outgoing and there was little question he was someone who would be successful in life.
A couple of years ago we held a reunion and John was one who did not come.  Reunions are   a time to renew friendships, find out what people are doing and, of course, inquire as to what happened to those who are not there.

A Community Failed by Bureaucracy

Today’s blog is unusual.  It is about a development project that did not succeed in south Etobicoke.  For those of you who are not familiar with the former Village of Mimico, we are the “wild west” of condo development.  If you can find vacant land, you can build a condominium on it.