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How the House Rules Help the Rulers

I have a friend who likes to gamble. He is a regular casino patron and while he has invited me to go many times, I have always  declined.  I just don’t like the odds.  The games may be legitimate, but they are designed so that the House wins much more than it loses.

My friend mocks me.  He says that is not consistent with my decision to run for city council in 2014.  In his view city elections may be legitimate but the rules are such that the house or the sitting councillor is virtually assured of victory.

A Poor Way to Tackle Poverty

Jason moves quickly past two men who appear to be involved in a drug deal.  They don’t even acknowledge our presence.  Walking past drug users and dealers is a normal occurrence at this apartment building.  The quantity of dealers has increased and it now seems to be part of the life of the building. It angers Jason when he sees some of the younger kids involved with the trade.  Their future is now largely prescribed and it is not one that will likely end well.

The One Idea to Improve Health Care

This week I had the pleasure to be on a panel sponsored by the Etobicoke Rotary Club. We were asked the simple question, “What is the one thing you would do to improve health care.”

The Quebec Experience with Health Care Restructuring

Last week we did an analysis of the government’s new health care reform package called Patients First. The reforms suggested are administrative and follow a similar process that was employed by the Government of Quebec.
In health care we often talk about “best practices” which essentially are actions that we know from experience or research to be the most beneficial intervention available. While best practices are often reserved for clinical interventions, they can also be applied to organizational development.

Patients or Power First?

The provincial government has recently unveiled its plan to transform the health care system.  Patients First, it says will not only improve the patient experience but will transform health care into a more integrated system of care.