Board of Directors

The Board is composed of 15 people all of whom are members of LAMP Inc., not employed by any agency which is involved in contract with LAMP Inc. and are elected by the membership at an Annual Meeting. The board is responsible for the governance of LAMP which includes establishing policies and setting the overall direction of the organization.

Members of the Board

Wanda Buote, Chair
Ashley Dix, Vice Chair
Kais Aziz, Treasurer
Rose Butler, Secretary


Robin Salt, Lakeshore Rep
Joy Bonas, EMCHC Rep.
Rob Williams
Christopher Byczko
Jean-Luc Marchessault
Charles Musa
Deborah Grier
Eirini Ververi
Kristie Wright
Michaelann George
Sheena Taha


Staff Contacts

Keddone Dias, Interim Executive Director
Charis Romilly-Turner, Director EMCHC
Adrienne MacDonald, Director Clinical Programs
Deniese Masters McKenney, Director Allied Health
Anne Brennan, Director HR and Operations
Jacqueline St.Kitts Myers, Interim Director Community Programs
Brenda Kelleher, Office Administrator