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Mindful Resilience Series (3-part series)

Wednesday November 25
3:00pm ‐ 3:00pm

About Mindful Resilience Series (3-part series)

If you are feeling a little COVID-19 fatigue you are not alone. LAMP’swellness series is working on new models that help you to bounce back fromlife’s challenges. In November we are offering

3-Week – Mindful Resilience Series and another wellness series onreducing anxiety. Mindful Resilience. Learn how to strengthen your resiliencethrough mindfulness in this 3-part wellness series! (Nov. 11, 18,25. Byfocusing on the present moment non-judgmentally, you can bounce back quicker intimes of stress and better cope with difficult situations. Explore guidedmeditations that provide practical means of enhancing resilience by boostingoptimism, increasing adaptability to change, and improving emotional regulation.These meditations can help you sense into the present moment and recognize howexternal events influence your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and bodysensations.

Besides meditations, nourish your physical and mental well-being withdeep breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and mindful self-compassionpractices. Use mindfulness as an important tool for shifting your perceptions,changing your responses, and focusing your attention on what really matters inyour life. This 3-part series will teach you how to use evidence-basedmindfulness practices more effectively, develop better coping mechanisms,improve life satisfaction, and increase overall levels of resilience.Participants will gain knowledge through simple, hands-on practices including guidedmeditations, breathing exercises, and mindful activities. Practices have beenadapted by scientifically proven programs including Mindfulness-Based StressReduction (MBSR), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and MindfulSelf-Compassion (MSC). 

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