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May 2, 2023

Experts on side hustles and small business start-ups, People with Lived experience, Ideas specialists and people who will inspire you. That’s what you will find at LAMP’s first annual Opportunities Fair this Saturday May 6, 11 am to 4 pm. Ideas and support to generate extra income and special presentations to help you get started will be provided. Everyone welcome. Registration is preferred.


Danny Brennan who has managed self-employment programs for 25 years. He has been a trainer and business advisor helping people to develop and implement a plan to run their own business.

He has worked with unemployed individuals, youth, new immigrants and persons with disabilities. In total he has assisted over 5,000 start ups in all varieties of businesses.

Danny’s presentation and one on one support will include:
Where do business ideas come from?

Examples of gig jobs and businesses.

Where to go for more information and resources.


Marketing expert extraordinaire. One of his many achievements includes the creation of the South Etobicoke Community Facebook Group which now includes more than 25 thousand local residents. Graham studied computer systems technology in college and was hired by IBM right out of school. While working at IBM, he decided to start an online business with a friend and leave the corporate life as he wanted to venture out on his own path. There he honed his marketing skills and went on to work with many brands such as NFL Canada, Boston Pizza, VW Canada plus many more helping them grow their audience online. In 2014, Graham realized his passion for real estate and is a successful real estate agent today here in the South Etobicoke community.

Ashley Gibbs is an Assistant Entrepreneurial Programmer with Scadding Court Community Centre.  She will be sharing information on two entrepreneurial programs,

Women Entrepreneurship HUB (WE-HUB)

New Comers Entrepreneurship HUB (NEH)

These two programs focus on business development training, market testing and mentorship to help with starting or growing a business 

The presentation will focus on the benefits of Entrepreneurship and how to get started with some of the tools & training WE-HUB provides.

Andrea Golden has been designing and creating jewellery for over two decades. She is a former college professor, and successful jewelry business owner for more than 20 years. Andrea has created some pieces for Disney and some well known Canadian music artists. In 2019 Andrea decided to pursue certifications within the mental health field which led her to get involved in peer support work where she is able to offer virtual support. Then she created 12:34 a mental wellness project where she offers mental health workshops. Andrea will share her insight in the business world as well as the mental health peer support sector.

Natalie Walters has her own financial planning business. Reset her company helps people to get back onto a solid financial footing. She is a passionate and dedicated Financial Planner, and Money Mindset Coach. Natalie offers workshops on financial empowerment and budgeting tips.

Sean Jonathan is an entrepreneur extraordinaire. This young man has started up many business ventures and will share his enthusiasm for all kinds of exciting self-employment opportunities. His talk will include various side hustles, resources and support.

Tammy Matheson will guide you through her side hustle ideas wall an interactive activity based on your interests, likes, skills and enthusiasm. Featuring inspiring quotes this interactive activity will generate ideas and show you how to turn side hustles into money making ventures.

Join us for lots of inspiration and ideas on side hustles and lots more.

For more information contact Jasmin Dooh at

Are you feeling the pinch of higher grocery prices, bills etc.? For most of us it is getting a lot harder to make financial ends meet. That’s why LAMP’s community relations advisory committee is organizing an Opportunities Fair, ways for people to generate more income on the side. The saturday event May 6 will feature information and opportunities on how you can make more money through “Side hustles” or exploring second income and business/entrepreneurial idea to boost your income. At LAMP CHC we thought it would be a fun and informative idea to bring everyone together for an “Opportunities Fair” to meet and explore ideas with some professionals or those who have had success building their own side businesses! Come for feedback with your own proposal or come to be inspired with our ideas wall! No pressure and just fun! We will be hosting some 15 minute presentations on marketing you side business, networking, small business 101, small business smarts for women and newcomers and much more. Get some one on one support for your idea and resources. Note: We will not be offering job opportunities or financial supports but will have resources on hand to point you in the right direction. Please RSVP:

or or 416-252-6471 Ext. 308.

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