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LAMP’s social worker position is currently vacant so we are not able to see clients at this time.

Please note that we are in the process of recruiting for the LAMP Social Worker role.

While the Social Worker role is vacant,  we will not be accepting referrals and the Monday social work drop-in program is on hold until this role is filled.

To assist you to access mental health services, the following community resources are available

Canadian Mental Health Association

Reconnect Mental Health

The Gatehouse

Drop-in Social Work: Currently closed

LAMP’s social work position is currently vacant at this time so there are no drop in hours. The Social Worker provides counselling, case management and advocacy to clients in our service area. LAMP’s Social Worker helps people with a range of concerns including  income support, family and relationship issues, feelings of depression and anxiety, coping with illness, and dealing with past or current abuse and drug and alcohol use.

How it works:

If you come to LAMP for the drop-in, your first stop will be with the front desk staff. Let them know you are here for the social work drop-in, and sign your name on a list.

The drop-in is currently closed

Because the drop-in works on a first come, first served basis, the front desk staff will ask you to sign the list so that they can keep track of the order that people come in. If you are uncomfortable giving your real name, you are welcome to give any name you’d like.

After you sign your name, have a seat in the waiting room. When the Social Worker becomes available, they will call your name and take you to their office.

Once you are face to face with the Social Worker you will have a chance to tell them about what type of assistance you may need. As this is a drop-in, you may not get all the time that you require however you can ask the Social Worker for an appointment for an additional later time.  The Social Worker may also provide you with the names and phone numbers of other organizations that may be able to help.

If you would like more information, call 416 252-6471 ext. 235

Our Community Needs Your Support

Every little bit helps. You may not think you make much of a difference, but in the words of those who use LAMP CHC’s services:

"Everyday we come to LAMP CHC, life gets a little easier to get back on track. We would have just given up if it wasn’t for them."

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