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May 14, 2020

Most people are now cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner; but are also snacking throughout the day.

For many, this snacking can result from being simply bored to the over availability of food in the home, to stress or anxiety over the current situation. Ongoing snacking throughout the day becomes an issue when it leads people to consume more calories as the snack starts to look more like a meal.

With this in mind, we need to also recognize that we are all living through a worldwide pandemic in unprecedented times, and while we would like to eat balanced snacks and meals as per recommendations from our health care team, this might not be the case for the time being, and for the short term it is ok, as long as this is done in balance.

A suggestion is for people to make a list of snacks they really enjoy, that bring them comfort and then aim for 1 choice/day- while being mindful to go for only one serving vs. the entire bag for example. Another strategy could be choosing to have a 1 additional vegetable serving at the meal following this snack or to go out for a slightly longer walk if possible.

Some great healthy snack options can be accessed below:


2.      Healthy snack recipes

3.      Healthy snack ideas for type 2 diabetes- small serving

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