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COVID-19 Update Feb. 1st, 2024:

We have resumed the tax clinic as in person clients starting from March 5th 2024. The service is still by appointment. If you have any questions, please call 416-252-9701 ext 280/281.

Income Tax preparation assistance for individuals and families who are unable to complete their own returns and who are on a low/fixed income. Service is provided by volunteers. Basic returns only (no business, self employed or deceased returns – or returns that have rental income, capital gains, etc.) For a list of documents you need to have and bring with you, see the bottom of this page.

Do you have accounting or tax filing experience and are looking for a way to give back, feel like you’re making a difference, all while meeting interesting people? We are always in need of volunteers both during the year and our very busy tax season. For more information, please contact Saeid 416-252-9701 ext 245 for details about the work and process, or check the Volunteer section of our website. 


Tax Season

March and April by appointment only. For more information call from February 20th: 416-252-9701 Ext 280 / 281. 

Various days, by appointment. Please call: (416) 252-9701 ext 280 / 281

Target Population: Low income individuals and families residing in South/Central Etobicoke.

Intake: Income and Eligibility criteria apply

  • Single Person…………………………Total annual income of $35,000 or less
  • Couples…………………………………..Total combined annual income of $45,000 or less
  • One Adult with child……………..Total annual income of $37,500 or less
  • Each additional dependent…..add $2,500 to above
  • Interest income……………………..less than $1,000

We do not assist with returns for:

  • Business or self-employed individuals
  • Deceased persons
  • Individuals with rental income
  • Individuals with capital gains (stocks, bonds, annuities)
  • Bankruptcy
  • Foreign Property

What to bring to your appointment


  • Copy of your 2022 Return and Notice of Assessment 2022
  • SIN Card 
  • Photo ID and Postal Code
  • All Income Slips (T4, T5007, T4-E, T4-A, T-5, T-3,  RC 62,  RC 210, T4RSP, T4RIF, any other income info/statements, including foreign income, etc

Expense Info and Receipts that apply to you:

  • Date of marriage or separation (if  in 2023)
  • Total Rent paid, receipts and all addresses for 2023 (or letter from landlord(s) with Total amount paid in 2023, and name and address of landlord(s)
  • Details and Amount of any alimony or support maintenance received or paid
  • List of Dependents (full name(s), exact birth dates and SIN card/#,  if available)  and details of  any  income
  • Total Property Taxes paid in 2023 and Final Statement
  • Childcare Receipts and Caregiver’s  name, address, phone and SIN #
  • Universal Child Care Benefits (RC 62) Slips
  • Medical and Charitable Receipts (please add up)
  • Monthly public transit passes and receipts
  • Child fitness/arts expenses
  • Union dues
  • Tuition Fees/Education Amount (T2202/T2202A)
  • Student  loan interest
  • RRSP Contributions
  • Disability certificate—Form T2201 (if first yr. of claim or if previous one expired

Our Community Needs Your Support

Every little bit helps. You may not think you make much of a difference, but in the words of those who use LAMP CHC’s services:

"Everyday we come to LAMP CHC, life gets a little easier to get back on track. We would have just given up if it wasn’t for them."

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