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The Gardens Pod Project

The Gardens Pod Project is based on gardening model of mobile raised gardens (PODS) built on under-utilized land in partnership with local community /business. These garden pods are set up and cared for by the Pod Planter Providers (residential or institutional/business pods volunteers) where a portion of harvest is given back to the community supporting the local food bank and other food programs. The Garden Pod Project addresses food security, reduces emissions, increases greenery and promotes knowledge about food and gardening.

One of the primary aims of the project is to involve more people in growing more locally grown produce. Each year, we offer educational sessions and summer excursions geared towards beginner gardeners, families, children and more.

In 2018, we had fourteen Pod Providers across South Etobicoke.  Some of the locations include the local library, children’s centers, a community health centre, a college, small businesses and high schools.

Check out more about our project at or on our Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

To get involved or join education sessions contact Sandra Van at LAMP CHC (416)252-9701 ext.239 – We will be looking for volunteers and Pod sites for our 2019 season.

The Gardens Advisory Council

The Gardens Advisory Council is an umbrella group of individuals and groups from Ward 6 committed to the provision and maintenance of community gardens in South Etobicoke. Our collaborative group is made up of multi stakeholders; residents, agencies and community college and faith groups living in and around the South Etobicoke Community.  The committee is chaired by LAMP CHC and HUMBER College. We are seeking members for our committee. If you are interested in being a member contact Sandra Van at 416-252-9701 ext. 239.

Why Promote Gardens?

Air quality in Ward 6, previously industrial area and proximity to major highways has been declared by City of Toronto in their report Local Air Quality (2012) as a neighbourhood with considerable air pollution. South Etobicoke also has a higher than average density of high-rise dwellers with at least 64% living in high-rise structures (Census 2011). There is no city funded garden and few community gardens. Most gardening in this neighborhood is residential backyard. For these reasons and more we created the Garden Pod Project.

Our Community Needs Your Support

Every little bit helps. You may not think you make much of a difference, but in the words of those who use LAMP CHC’s services:

"Everyday we come to LAMP CHC, life gets a little easier to get back on track. We would have just given up if it wasn’t for them."

Programs & Services

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